Simple Technology Inc.: Offering Multilingual Keyboard Technology For 35 Years


Want to start a new office location in Canada? Do you want to get the best computer systems for your employees? If so, you have come to the right place. When you go on the market, you will find that the market is filled with vendors offering multilingual keyboards. Multilingual keyboards are most popularly used in Canada as the country uses French and English as their official language. Do you think Multilingual Solidus keyboard (Clavier Solidus Multilingue) are useful for your business too? If so, you need to make sure that you choose the right company to procure the item. With the right keyboard, your employees will have an easy time working. And Simple Technology Inc. can help you provide a seamless typing experience for your employees. 

Simple Technology Inc. is a leading value-added distributor in Canada that is popularly known to provide high-quality multilingual keyboards to businesses and governmental organizations in the country. The company first started providing its services in 1986. And since then they have slowly grown and become one of the renowned companies in the region. Several other reasons make Simple Technology Inc. your first choice.

Wide Network of Vendors: Over the years, the company has developed a wide network of vendors in the country who provide quality multilingual keyboards such as the Solidus mini notebook keyboard and more. This allows the company to bring the latest range and upgrades in the keyboard market for their customers.

Wide Range: The company not only provides multilingual keyboards but also provides the standard US keyboards, bilingual keyboards, touchpad, mobile data keyboards, notebook size keyboards. Moreover, you will find keyboards specific to medical/industrial purposes.

NMSO products: Simple Technology Inc. also offers National Master Standing Offer Products (NMSO) that include security and portable storage devices.

Custom development: Apart from providing an existing range of products, the company also has a longstanding history of providing custom development. They will consider your tech needs and will develop the right equipment that fulfills your needs.

These few features make Simple Technology Inc. a leading choice by businesses and governmental organizations. With an experience of more than 35 years, the company is your one-stop destination to get multilingual keyboards such as the Solidus mini keyboard (Clavier Solidus mini). So, don’t hesitate and check out their website to know more about their range of keyboards. Contact their customer care services if you have any questions.

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